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Web Site Development

Webkraft provides the following services as components of quality web sites:

  • Information architecture
This is the framework in which all site information is placed. Information architecture, along with navigation and content, determines how easy the site is to use. Once there is a solid framework, other skills such as graphic design and programming are brought in—not the other way around.
  • Navigation
Navigation determines how someone moves around in a site—what the user has to do to accomplish a task or find information. Webkraft knows the easier the path, the better the user experience, the higher the return on the investment.
  • Graphic design
Effective graphic design occurs when the analysis of your content and goals informs the look and feel of the site. Webkraft brings together communication and design—skill sets that are often silos in the development process—in every project.
  • Content development
Our years of experience in technical communication and online formats result in a powerful force to communicate your web site message. Webkraft will dig into your special niche in your industry.
  • Maintenance
Users expect dynamic and fresh web sites. Webkraft can help you determine the best plan for updating your site in the site-planning stage. This ensures site maintenance is managed in a practical way instead of being an unwelcome surprise.
  • Coordination of programming and other web services
Few organizations have all the disciplines of web design covered. Webkraft's strongest skills are the important ones: information architecture, navigation, usability, and communication. When additional skills are required, we obtain the best resources and coordinate the project. We have experience managing multiple vendors for large projects.
  • Project management
An excellent resource for project management, Webkraft can handle a project from planning through development and into maintenance, communicating with stakeholders such as upper management, programmers, customer service reps, and end users.
  • Consulting
Webkraft can help you get started by helping you to determine your goals for the site based on your own mission and business objectives. We can also evaluate an existing site, conduct usability testing, and coordinate intranet and extranet development.

Web Site Support

Webkraft provides the following services to support web sites:

  • Maintenance
We offer timely maintenance at rates that won't break your budget.
  • Maintenance training
Webkraft can offer your employees on-site training customized to your site's needs and the employees' current level of expertise.
  • Search engine seeding
There is no one simple method of registering your site and ensuring that it is found by all the leading web search engines. Some engines rely on the text in your site, some use meta tags, some require you to register a description of your site, and most use a combination of methods. Webkraft can register and track your site with the most popular search engines.
  • Usability testing
We are just starting to learn about the habits of web site users. Getting feedback from usability testing provides valuable information and helps ensure a usable site. Webkraft has been following usability issues in online communication for several years.

Interested in seeing examples of our work? Call (515) 961-3732 or e-mail us at to set up an appointment to review.

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