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When partnering with Webkraft a business can expect several benefits over more expensive designer companies and individual designers that don't have a communication background or user-based expertise:
  • Webkraft is an economic alternative to expensive web development companies. Instead of charging a flat (high) fee for all aspects of web development, we break the tasks down and charge a reasonable rate based on the development stage, be it project management, information architecture, content development, graphic design, development, programming, or maintenance.
  • Webkraft has been creating web sites for years. Our education and experience come from core web disciplines and the important web tools that have emerged in the past years.
  • Our web projects and services are customized to your unique situation.
  • Webkraft can define and create the user experience that best suits your company's goals. Why? Our strongest skills are the important ones: information architecture, navigation, usability, and communication. When skills are required outside of our expertise, we bring them in and coordinate the project (including billing).
  • Wordkraft works tirelessly to get the most return on your web communication budget. Wordkraft has experience in a variety of situations in which, not surprisingly, the parameters of the projects were never a perfect intersection of bottomless budget, infinite deadline, or unlimited content resources.
  • We stay on top of the trends and keep current with the latest tools by attending critical training and conferences that your organization may not have the time or budget for. Web sites have developed beyond brochureware—new disciplines must be mastered to get the full value from a web site, be it a internet site, intranet site, or extranet site.
  • We have experience with a variety of Des Moines area businesses from non-profit to Fortune 500.

Would you like to learn how our services can benefit your organization? Call (515) 961-3732 or e-mail us at to discuss.

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