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Let Wordkraft be that skilled team member or project leader you call on when you need a professional technical communicator committed to your project's goals and users. Wordkraft can provide the following services:
  • Writing
Wordkraft is focused on writing clear, concise content suited to your project's users and goals. We are experienced in Information Mapping and visual language.
  • Layout and graphic design
We have produced award-winning technical communication projects in both paper and online formats.
  • Project management
Wordkraft can handle all aspects of a documentation project, from design to production and all of the analysis, information-collecting, and content writing in between.
  • Consulting
We can use project and task analysis to determine the best format, solution, and content to meet your needs. We also have experience in creating more usable application interfaces by implementing usability testing and surveys and helping programmers determine and incorporate changes.

Interested in seeing examples of our work? Call (515) 961-3732 or e-mail us at to set up an appointment to review.

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