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When you were young, who was that special person who brought a little magic into your life?

By becoming a Big Brother, Big Sister, a Big Duo, or Family Match, you will be the creator of magic in a child's life by introducing him or her to new experiences.

It's the little things—like eating Chinese food for the first time or learning how to throw a ball—that make a difference. It's easy and fun. And you will both be forever changed by this magical experience.

Big Brothers Big Sisters has a variety of mentoring programs to choose from. The following is a brief summary of the programs. To get a complete overview and comparison of all programs, print off the complete comparison chart (in PDF format).

Bigs/Littles Buddies Bigs In School

What is the length of committment?

One year minimum

8 weeks

9 months or minimum of 1 semester
When and how often do I meet with my little? You determine with your little how many times a month
and how long

One day a week:
from 6 to 8 p.m.,
Mon. through Thurs
or Sat. a.m.
Before, during, or after school for 30 to 60 minutes once a week
Who can volunteer? Male or female 18 years and older Male or female 16 years and older Male or female high school age and older

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