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Business communication is becoming more complicated every day. It's our philosophy that a business should have an alternative to trying to keep up with the journals, classes, training, and conferences or even maintaining a full-time web site designer or fully staffed documentation department. Your business should be able to hire someone on a project-by-project basis who:

  • Works successfully as a team member or a project leader. This temporary employee could collaborate with your current team or work proactively as a project leader (or work independently, if the project called for it).
  • Applies strong analytical skills to project content to ensure every aspect of the project aligns with your business goals.
  • Applies technology, methodology, and design to your communication objectives to achieve the ideal end result.
  • Focuses on user-centered design so users will get more out of the documentation or web site experience.
  • Works as a professional to ensure that the project is completed according to the guidelines and within the time line we agreed on.
  • Continually learns new tools and stays current with industry trends, giving your projects the benefit of the most current technology and skills.
  • Doesn't require the financial investment of a full-time employee but works with the dedication of a permanent employee.

Wordkraft/Webkraft can fill this niche for your company.

Would you like to learn how the Wordkraft/Webkraft alternative can benefit your company? Call (515) 961-3732 or e-mail us at

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