The company formally known as Webkraft is now called AZK.  This site is quite old (and I'm having a lot of fun creating a new one), but you can still access the old site here for now. In addition to the old samples, check out the ISU College of Human Sciences site--I designed that more recent example. You can still contact Amy Kern at for now.

  Expensive designer web site isn't paying off?   A professional web site doesn't have to break the bank. Webkraft charges reasonable fees while delivering professional results.

  Your intranet lacks coherent organization?   Webkraft draws on specialties of usability and information architecture when creating complex sites.

  Your documentation department is swamped, but there's no room in the budget for another writer?

  Contract with Wordkraft for temporary documentation-authoring relief.  
  You need to convert a paper manual to an online format and you don't know where to start?   Wordkraft can advise you on your options and manage the project from information-gathering to completion and maintenance.  

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